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Wedding Donation Schedule

Interested or ready to tie the knot and pledge your devotion before God? Utilize Paradise Baptist Church to host your wedding. Below is our Wedding Donation Schedule:

Member Pricing

Church $200.00

Banquet Hall $100.00

Pastor $100.00

Musician $150.00

Soloist $75.00

Sexton $50.00

Non-Member Pricing

Church $300.00

Banquet Hall $150.00

Pastor $150.00

Musician $150.00

Soloist $75.00

Sexton $50.00

It is important that the Bride, Groom and Coordinator meet with the Executive Minister, Rev. Dr. Kim Yancey James (973-624-6614 option #3), prior to setting a rehearsal date. Please be prepared to discuss the musical selections and the program at this time. A completed, typed program must be submitted to the executive minister two weeks prior to the rehearsal date.

Counseling sessions for the couple are strongly recommended and will be scheduled by the Pastor’s Administrative Assistant, Sis. Dawn Cooper. (973-624-6614)

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