Below are the men & women that help to make Paradise Baptist Church a ministry of caring and sharing. Feel free to contact our general office to reach a specific ministry:

Ministerial Staff
Rev. Dr. Kim Yancey James, D.Min. – Executive Minister
Minister Erica Smith – Associate Minister
Minister Todd Warren – Associate Minister
Minister Samuel Brown – Associate Minister
Minister Pamela Frazier – Associate Minister
Minister Ramon Stuckey – Associate Minister
Minister Barry Leverett – Associate Minister
Minister Sharon Covington – Associate Minister

Clerical Staff
Sis. Paulette Knox -Church Clerk
Sis. Dawn Cooper, Pastoral Administrative Asst.
Sis. Tanya Dunn, Pastoral Administrative Asst.

Deacon Ministry

Deacon Walter Robertson, as chairperson of the Diaconate coordinates the assignments of this ministry. All ministries are assigned a Deacon who provides spiritual support and advisement. Each member is assigned a Deacon whom he or she should contact in case of illness, family emergency and prayer requests. In the event that you have not been assigned a Deacon please inform Deacon Robertson. Deacon Robertson is also the liaison who should be notified when members or family members have transitioned from earth to glory. He is available to advise the family concerning final services. The Deacon Ministry works closely with Pastor James to assist him with serving the needs of the congregation.

Deacon Walter Robertson, Chairperson
Deacon Garland Frazier, Vice-Chairperson

Deaconess Ministry
Deaconess Susan Thompson – Acting President

Roxanne Prince, Chairperson

Missionary Ministry
Deaconess Carolyn Bond – President

Nurses’ Ministry
Sis. Kim Dennard, President

Ushers’ Ministry
Bro. James Spates, President

Women’s Ministry
Rev. Dr. Kim Yancey James, Director
Deaconess Susan Thompson, Financial Officer
Trustee Joslyn White, Administrative Assistant

Men’s Ministry
Deacon Garland Frazier, President

Youth Ministry
Sis.Tammy Lewis, Director

Transportation Ministry
Deaconess Tanisha Smith

Pastor’s Love Ministry
Sis. Alice George, President

Sunday School
Deacon Garland Frazier, Superintendent
Deacon Elwood Thompson, Vice-Superintendent

Liturgical Dance Ministry
Sis. Aileemah Cannon

Minister of Music
Sis. Phenician Sullivan

Choir Directors
Deaconess Pamela Frazier – Lead Choir Director
Bro. Daron Custis – Asst. Director
Sis. Tammy Lewis – Asst. Director

Audio/Visual Ministry
Deaconess Tanisha Smith